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LinkedIn Lite App is faster than the original version

LinkedIn Lite App

LinkedIn is a social networking service that is focused on business. It is used for professional networking. It is one of the largest professional networks which aims to connect candidates with the industry experts. Last week, LinkedIn Corporation announced that it had 100 million users active in the Asian Pacific region. In India, today, the company unveiled the three new products that it will be introducing soon in the market. The company has 37 million active users in India. In the event held at Delhi, the company announced that it will be introducing LinkedIn Lite App, LinkedIn Placements and LinkedIn Starter Pack.

LinkedIn Lite App,  Placements and Business Tools-A New Strategy

LinkedIn like is a “lite” version of the social networking platform for mobile. The lite version will have less graphics and media. This will enable the site to download four times faster than the original version in use. In the event, CEO

TechCrunch reports that, LinkedIn placements will use online tests which users will take to show off their skills in the market. LinkedIn has come together with HackerRank for this new venture. Placement is a new extension into the business strategy of the company. The company already has a focus on online education services.

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LinkedIn starter pack aims to extend the business directory of the networking site.

New startups and established businesses will be able to run their business on the site creating profiles that focus on potentially developing relationships that market the business.

The company hopes to recruit more users to the site in India and grow the network across the Asian Pacific region. As the company waits to close the $2.62 billion acquisition by Microsoft, it also hopes to strengthen the business on the international front.

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