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The app Cardboard camera is now on iOS

app Cardboard Camera

Google is an active competitor in applications for taking pictures. Google Photo and Motion Still are two applications  that have gained a lot of users. Today, Google introduced a new application for iOS users dubbed as “Cardboard Camera”. App Cardboard Camera  by Google allows users to create 3D, 360 degree pictures using a regular camera on their mobile devices. Previously, to create 360 degree pictures or videos separate cameras were put to use. Google has now encrypted it into android and iOS devices. The application was previously just available on android, launched in 2015, and has now made a debut on iOs devices as well.

The app Cardboard Camera allows 360 pictures from iOS and Android

The app also integrates a sharing option for social networking sites. By using the latest version of app Cardboard Camera on iPhone users can take VR photos by placing their phones vertically. The recording mode when turned on makes it look like the user is taking a panorama. Google gave an elaborate description of it on the blog.

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The move comes as a refreshing break from the flat pictures and selfie craze. The virtual reality pictures can  be taken from both Android and iOS. There is no need to buy another set of camera since, it works with the phone users already have.

Techcrunch reports that the app by Google stimulates the same depth and intensity in the pictures as in real life making the photo appear more three dimensional. Far things look far and near things are placed news in photos which gives the virtual reality of a 3D environment.

The pictures are not true 3D because users aren’t be able to move around in the environment but this is still a huge step in picture manipulation. The app allows sound to be recorded with the image which can give a more fulfilling experience.

Image via Google.Blogspot