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Listening Room on YouTube Music’s the only new location to test out experimental features

YouTube Music

For a while now, YouTube Music has been regarded as one of the top music streaming services. Despite playing second fiddle to the primary YouTube app, it has maintained its viability. Its presence is attributed to the devoted audience as well as the attention from select Google developers. Moreover, it has received continuous release of small updates and new features. The YouTube Music team, however, is presently advancing the situation. To improve its service and make it even better, it is relying on customer feedback drawn from a closed beta test.

The Listening Room beta program’s YouTube Music team sought fan feedback on Reddit on Thursday (via 9to5Google). It is targetted for collection of feedbacks in order to redesignt he user-experience with the YouTube Music. The response and feedbacks by users were positive and welcoming as expected. since the initiative received a lot of applications that is why it has been suspended.

Users who were approved for the program will receive free membership to YouTube Music Premium as well as early access to beta features. They will also be given access to a secret Discord community. In the Disocrd Community, they will get a chance to communicate with the YouTube Music product team in real-time. This is a fantastic chance for users to play their part in the app’s development and have their opinions heard.

As of now, the registration for this program has been closed. However, the participants have no clue regarding their selection ord is-selection. But in February Google might contact the selected participants an update them about thenext stages. besides this, the team is looking forward to collaborate with the selected users and collect their feedback.

YouTube Music app is provided with a range of remixes as well as alternative versions of song. They are -sourced from user submissions to the main YouTube site. It is well-known for providing the users with access to a wide range of musical genres, as well as remixes and cover songs. Such services aren’t offered by other music streaming applications. When compared to rival apps like Spotify and Apple Music, the app’s relative lack of features has drawn considerable criticism.