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Log4j: Lazarus Group Hackers Targeted Energy Firms

Hackers from the North Korean Lazarus Group have exploited the Log4j vulnerability and attacked energy companies in Japan, Canada, and the USA. Although the gap has existed for over a year now, the company’s servers are said to have been compromised. one report According to Cisco security researchers, organizations around the world have been targeted.

The energy companies are said to come from the United States, Canada, and Japan, among others. However, it remains unclear which companies are involved. The hackers exploited a vulnerability known as Log4j or Log4Shell on VMware Horizon servers. Finally, the vulnerability made it possible to install malware such as VSingle and YamaBot on the systems. 

Preparation for Surveillance

The aim of the actions was probably to gain long-term access to the company networks. This should make it possible at a later date to start espionage operations on behalf of the North Korean government. However, the attacks were discovered. Also known as APT38, the Lazarus group has been responsible for extensive hacks in the past.

A cyber attack on Sony was launched in November 2014. The stolen internal documents were then published. Furthermore, cryptocurrencies worth hundreds of millions of euros have been stolen in recent years. Lazarus is said to be funded by the North Korean regime and operates from multiple viewpoints.