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Top 10: Countries List With Best Internet Speed 2022

Mobile and fixed internet connections in Chile have the highest quality in the world in terms of factors such as stability and speed. This is the conclusion reached by the analysts of Surfshark in the current Digital Quality of Life Index 2022.

Top 10 Countries With Best Internet Quality and Speed in 2022

According to this, Chile achieves a value of 0.6 on a scale ranging from zero to one. Denmark (0.59 points) and the United Arab Emirates (0.57 points) also shine with high-quality internet. On the other hand, the residents of Cameroon (0.09 points) and, for example, Zambia (0.12 points) have to be satisfied with particularly bad internet. In the ranking of Internet quality, it is mainly countries on the African continent that occupy the lower places in the list of 117 countries.

In these countries, insufficiently developed infrastructure and geographical conditions are often the reasons for the poor quality of Internet connections. According to the study, the German Internet quality is rated at around 0.46 points – that’s only enough for 26th place globally. Above all, low speeds in data exchange, both via mobile devices and with broadband connections, are a serious factor. Only the very high stability of German networks does not allow the Federal Republic to rank lower.

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