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Look out for these new technology in 2017

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The New Year is upon us and so brings another year of new technology. 2017 is bound to be packed with so many innovations and new technology which would project us faster into advancement. The question is how will this year be projecting into the realms of advance new technology? The answer is variable depending on what you seek.

Here is an idea however, that shows what the 2017 future holds for the tech world:

Virtual reality is the new reality

Necessarily everyone knows that virtual reality and augmented reality is the next big thing. In 2017 there will be a lot of releases of virtual reality and augmented reality gadgets. The totalmotion gaming platform by Futuretown is one thing we’re all looking forward to. Totalmotion is a 5D virtual reality experience that compromises of high resolution visuals, motion and sensation simulation hardware. It also has new devices for input along with integration of VR hardware like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

A little more detail about Totalmotion is that it has three modules that lock into a base platform. The base platforms are standing, motorcycle and riding-each with six directional freedom movements that will realistically stimulate the experience. The entire process brings out a complete immersive experience which seems to stretch into VR gaming and entertainment. Totalmotion is launching in 2017 but there exists no price details.

Move to a more realistic function

Bonjour is an alarm clock that is a more acquirable gadget. The device is from Holi and has built-in artificial intelligence. This is one of the most friendliest and smartest alarm clock built up to date. One of the amazing things about this alarm clock is that it will check your calendar, your appointments and traffic conditions to decide whether or not you should wake up earlier than schedule. It can also order you an Uber and make recommendations on what to wear based on weather conditions. This new technology has voice recognition feature along with integration with control hub for the smart phone. Bonjour starts shipping in July 2017 for $249 and an additional $30 for shipping in India. Holi, the creators of the alarm clock are still open to funding on Kickstarter and Indegogo.

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Android wear 2.0 is the new technology

The year 2016 showed a bit of slow growth in the genre of smart watch. Pebble was acquired by Fitbit. Apple watch hit a slow sale. Google delayed the release of Android 2.0. However, the feature of accessing Google Play Store from the Android Watch 2.0 garnered enthusiasm. The feature allows users to browse, download and install apps directly on their watches. The watch is to be shown at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2017. More details are to hit the audience soon.

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Fight pollution with fashion

Wair is a scarf that doubles as a pollution mask. The fashion accessory has made it into the world of gadgets and new technology. The scarf is the brain child of Caroline Van Rentergherm who came up with the idea while cycling in pollution ridden Paris. Climate change is real people and its time we come out of this denial. The scarf is made of eco-certified fabrics which are designed in three forms and numerous prints. This is basically designed as a pollution mask which can be worn as a scarf as well.

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It has three layers replaceable filter which comprises of an activated layer of carbon, electrostatic layer and anti bacterial layer which keeps out gases, pollen and other particulate matter up to 0.1 microns small, along with bacteria. The scarf also has an app that tells you when to wear it. Pre-orders are open at wair-france.com. Prices are $69 for a snood and $110 for a scarf. New prints released in the first month of 2017 and shipping starts soon afterwards.

Image via Aderant