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Samsung making big aims at the CES


Another amazing announcement for the CES is here. This time Samsung released the product information on what it will be showcasing at the event. LG did show off a couple of products it will be putting in the CES and now, Samsung says that it will be releasing the latest CH711 monitors.

The manufacture of one of the world’s leading smartphone is releasing a curved and sleek model monitor for gaming. The design showcases a use of quantum dot technology which as per the company is “vivid, visually stunning picture”. However, with this pace of announcements we think that major manufacturers will not having anything new to show at the CES event. The sleek and stylish white body CH711 is 27 inch and 31.5 inch in variations. But both offer a 2560 x 1440 WQHD resolution. It has a curvature of 1800 R.  Now, the screen is super curved if you’re playing games or watching movies from a feet away. Samsung promises a 178 degree viewing angle on CH711. The monitor gives a richer and more vibrant color from any distance of sight.

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The CES will showcase a transitional product line

Rumors have it that the new model will be out in the early 2017. However, customers and consumers can get a view of it at the CES show. The Samsung’s curved quantum dot monitors will be showcased as well along with the game centric CFG70 and a work oriented CF791. It seems that the company is going really strong headed on the curved screen which may hint out a transition in the product line. But the company will also be exhibiting some regular flat monitors at the show as well. For example, monitors like the UH750 might still be released which the company says has a super fast 1 ms response time.

Image via High Def Digest