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macOS 12.2 Beta Develops Apple Music Full Native App

Apple Music Native app

Apple has completely rewritten the app for the music streaming service Apple Music and installed it as a native version in macOS Monterey. This is said to have greatly improved the performance of the application. However, the app is currently only available in beta.

The current Apple Music version was introduced together with macOS Catalina and should serve as an iTunes replacement. The main disadvantage of the program, however, is that it is a web app and the content is presented like in a browser. As a result, the application is slow to respond. For this reason, Apple decided to develop a native version of the Apple Music app.

The native Apple Music app does not only have advantages, however. While scrolling has become smoother and search results can be browsed much faster, the application has been made a little simpler. Many visual effects have been completely removed from the program. As 9to5mac writes, the native version of the Apple Music app is based on the AppKit framework. Apple has used its JET technology to be able to display the web content in a native application.

Apple Avaialble for Testing In Beta

At the moment, the native Apple Music app is only offered to beta testers who have installed the preview build of macOS 12.2. It is considered likely that the application will be made available to all users with the final release of the new macOS version. Whether Apple will make changes to the revised software and, for example, reintegrate the visual effects into the program, is still unclear and remains to be seen.