Discovery: macOS Mouse Pointer Affecting Performance

The current version of macOS struggled with a memory leak that can clog the RAM. Now the reason has been found: the problems arise when the mouse pointer is adjusted in size and color. The remedy is on the way.

Mouse Pointer Should Be Normal

MacOS 12 Monterey struggled with memory leaks that can affect the system’s performance when using certain programs, now the cause has been found. As per reports, the problem is apparently due to adjustments to the mouse pointer and can occur if alternative pointer sizes, as well as fill and border colors, are used – the option for color adjustment was only introduced with the update.

The memory leaks had an extreme effect, among other things, in interaction with the Firefox browser and, according to user reports, led to double-digit usage of the working memory. There is now a corresponding entry in the Bugzilla error reporting tool, which describes the problem in more detail: “Under MacOS 12 Monterey, the use of a non-standard cursor size or color causes a large memory leak in Firefox.”

As you can read here, the developers have already taken the first countermeasures with Firefox Version 94, but cannot completely solve the problem on their part. Accordingly, Apple was informed about the unfavorable interaction between the mouse pointer and memory usage, now the company has to improve in a future macOS update.

Workaround: Set To Standard

Until Apple corrects the error, there is of course a simple interim solution for users: If the mouse pointer is reset to the standard, the memory leaks no longer occur. The adjustments can be made in the system settings under the item “Accessibility”, “Display” in the tabs “Cursor” and “Color filter”.