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macOS Sonoma features Game Mode for a better Mac gaming experience

With the announcement of macOS Sonoma, the company has introduced a specific Game Mode for Macs at WWDC. Game Mode is a new gaming feature. It is limited to macOS Sonoma.

Given the Game Mode of macOS 14, the system gives the preference to CPU and GPU powers for the running title. In this way, the performance of gaming hardware is improved across the board. Let us understand this by a simple example, the gaming experience on Mac is quite immersive since it drastically reduces the audio latency with AirPods.

In addition to this, the company states that the sampling rate of Bluetooth for paired Xbox and PlayStation controllers has been doubled. Furthermore, a new Game Porting toolkit is also included. Using this toolkit, users can conveniently port games from other platforms. Game Mode has the capacity to operate with any game. It can work with all recent as well as upcoming Mac games, states the company.

Developers can access the developer beta of macOS Sonoma via developer.apple.com. The company will release the public beta via the Apple Beta Software program via beta.apple.com by next month. However, the updates will be available as free software updates by this fall.

macOS Sonoma won’t be supported on these Macs

macOS Sonoma is the most recent operating system for Macs introduced by Apple. As of now, it is available in beta. The stable release is expected by fall 2023. However, the new macOS Sonoma won’t support several Mac models in contrast to the MacOS Ventura. This information has been collected from the official website of the company.

The following Macs are not eligible for macOS Sonoma support:

  • MacBook Pro (2017)
  • MacBook Air (2017)
  • MacBook (12-Inch: 2017)

However, macOS Sonoma is compatible with the following Macs:

  • MacBook Pro: 2018 and later
  • MacBook Air: 2018 and later
  • Mac Mini: 2018 and later
  • iMac: 2019 and later
  • iMac Pro: 2017
  • Mac Studio: 2022 and later
  • Mac Pro: 2019 and later

Previously, the company released the macOS Ventura and macOS Monterey in October so there are chances that the new macOS Sonoma will be released in October like the previous ones.

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