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Apple releases macOS Sonoma, featuring desktop widgets and other improvements

Yesterday, at WWDC 2023, Apple introduced the macOS Sonoma. It is the latest version of its Mac operating system. The company states that the new macOS will launch by this fall. The new macOS Sonoma consists of various new features. Some of these features are desktop widgets, Apple TV-like aerial screensavers, and enhancements to apps like Messages and Safari. It also has a new Game mode that prioritizes the use of the CPU and GPU for gaming. We will discuss some of the new features briefly in this short piece:

New interactive widgets for desktop
New interactive widgets that can now be installed directly on your desktop were the first feature that Apple described. With Continuity, you can utilize the same widgets from your iPhone on your Mac. Widgets blend into your desktop wallpaper, so they are not intrusive while you are working.

Improved video conferencing tools

Additionally, enhanced video conferencing tools are included in macOS Sonoma, such as Presenter Overlay, which enables users to present themselves in front of shared content. Reactions allow users to express their emotions during a video session, and Screen Sharing has been enhanced with a more straightforward procedure.

Updates to Safari

As is customary with macOS releases, Sonoma will bring many new features to Safari. A new version of Private Browsing offers better defense against trackers and anyone who might have access to the user’s device. Now Safari Profiles are presented with individual browsing for work and personal browsing. Besides this, it also features a new and unique way to design web apps that work similarly to normal apps. Using this feature, users can easily access their favorite websites faster.

New screen savers and gaming experience

During periods of inactivity, the new screen savers display videos of several locations worldwide. Similar to what you’ll see on tvOS, they alternate between landscape, Earth, underwater, and cityscape themes. In addition to this, a new Game Mode is also provided in the macOS Sonoma. It provides an optimized gaming experience with improved and more consistent frame rates. It decreases the audio latency with AirPods while the input latency is decreased by game controllers. It has the capacity to function with any game on Mac.

Availability of macOS Sonoma

A public beta of macOS Sonoma will debut next month, and the test is now accessible to Apple Developer Program members. The program will likely be made available to the general public this autumn.

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