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A Major Incident Escaped: PIA Airbus A320 Left Wing Panel Got Detached During Flight

PIA Airbus A320 escaped a huge disaster as a piece of its left wing got detached during the flight. The plane was en route from Abu Dhabi to Peshawar when this incident occurred. It was a huge mishap but thankfully Captain Ali Mansoor kept his calm and ensured that the airplane lands safely at the Peshawar airport. The report claims that the plane was severely damaged after its panel got detached. Then inspection was made of the plane after it landed and it was found out that three essential screws of the separated panel were not in place.

As per PIA spokesperson further investigations are being conducted of the incident while the plane is fixed at Peshawar airport. The travelers were sent to Karachi through flight PK-353.

It’s sad that in this fast-paced, technological advanced world, we don’t even have a single reliable air transport service in the country. So many incidents have occurred on our planes that before traveling on a plane we are insecure about our life. We are not sure whether the plane would safely take us to our destination or not. Now a whole panel getting removed from a plane, when it is on the flight, it sounds horrific and frightening. Any pilot could have panicked at that time and many lives could have been gone forever. It is high time that we bring efficiency in our air transport. The lives traveling in an airplane are the responsibility of that company. PIA management needs to take a break, deeply ponder over its service, see areas where improvement is necessary and then come back in the market.

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