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Microsoft Has Started Various AI products Including AI powered Translator—London AI Event

Microsoft is working on a free add-on to its Microsoft Office Tool “PowerPoint”,  a free presentation translator, it will allow users to translate in real-time while creating and/or using their presentations.

Microsoft has announced this new update during AI event in London Today.

At the event, Microsoft also announced creation of Microsoft’s AI Research and Incubation, which will focus on AI theory and practice, the center, will be based in Redmond.

Microsoft will also launch “AI for Earth” a program that will focus on providing AI tools and skills to combat global challenges and solve problems. AI powered Translator add-on is available to download. It works in the form of subtitles, users can add subtitles to the presentation slides in different languages, not only this, it will also allow audience to grab subtitles in their desired language using translator app in browser.

Another contribution in AI world by Microsoft is launching “Seeing AI” for IOS devices. This free app is for visually impaired people. The app describes surrounding and help people to navigate better.

Microsoft will focus more on machine learning in the coming months, machine capability which users AI technique to read text, Microsoft already has acquired a startup to streamline this project.

Microsoft’s Harry Shum is leading AI Research group since last September when it was created. Microsoft also started Cloud AI platform led by Vice President Joseph Siroh, both the Cloud and AI platforms will be overseen by Shum. The new Cloud Plus AI platform organization will take care of Azure search, Microsoft Bot Framework, Azure Machine Learning, R server, Algorithms as well as data science solution team.

Uber AI and Research group, is overseeing Bing, Cortana, Azure Machine Learning and Microsoft research programs, it employs 7,500 people according to the Microsoft officials.