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Major Intel Design Flaw will Cause PCs to Get Very Slow

Intel Processors are the most famous around the globe and Intel chips are used by biggest digital brands. Now in a recent discovery, it came to light that Intel chips have a design error which will make user PCs exposed to malware. When this error will be fixed, the PCs will slow down. Biggest PC makers including Windows, Linux would have to redesign so that they can work with this error.

Now after this new update is done, the PCs will slow down and the already flawed processors would get extremely slow. The new computers won’t get that much affected as the recent Intel chips have PCID. PCID is a module that fights performance reduction. For older processors, performance reduction will be 23% while the new ones will have 17% performance reduction.

The programmers are doubtful about the cause of the flaw. They feel that the OS cannot solve it so the only solution is a software update or a new processor.

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Other than PCs getting slow, hackers can use this issue to their benefit and get into the security systems of your PCs. All the data passes through the kernel and it is protected by it but as the OS and Intel chips are incompatible, this data is vulnerable to malware. Those of you who have AMD processor or run the Ryzen chips or A-12 processors have nothing to worry about.

Those who use Intel chips can either change their hardware or just patiently wait for updates.

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