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Make Money Transfers Via PayPal in Facebook Messenger

PayPal has recently announced their expansion in alliance with Facebook by offering the P2P (Peer-to-Peer) Payments option on the giant social network’s Messenger application.

Commerce sector has witnessed major changes ever since the growth of digital and mobile technologies. Consumers want ease also when it comes to transactions, they want to perform transactions from where ever they are or whenever they want. Last year PayPal and Facebook collaborated to offer 2.5 million US consumers to use their Facebook Messenger for communicating between PayPal users. They could also use PayPal to shop on Messenger.

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The expansion of PayPal’s relationship with Facebook now will provide people with the option of sending and requesting money via their PayPal account. This integration in Facebook Messenger started spreading among the United States consumers, yesterday.

The feature could be accessed both on group chats and on one-on-one chats. To access the feature, click on the blue plus icon, then choose the green colored Payments button, and finally choose PayPal to send or request the desired funds. PayPal could be made the funding source for Messenger contacts when making P2P payments.

This feature is at present only available for the US and only accessible to the users of iOS. But it would soon be available also on Android.

PayPal has also launched a customer service bot for the Messenger app, which allows the user to effortlessly accept payment and to get account assistance directly in the Facebook Messenger app.

This PayPal bot will assist people in having helpful interactions with the customer service for jobs like resetting passwords, help needed for payments or refunds issues and handling account related queries.

For accessing it, PayPal should be searched in the search field after that a message should be typed and then the bot will help the user with whatever be the request.

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