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Man Lost $1 Million Bitcoin Savings Due To Apple AppStore Fake App


Bitcoin has made many around us millionaires, many lost their entire savings as well but this story is different from others. If you have more than a dozen bitcoins in your hand, it is not an exaggeration to claim to be rich. The price before the deadline is 58,800 US dollars.

According to Washington Post, a man named Phillipe Christodoulou was lucky enough to save 17.1 bitcoins. However, the dream of getting rich has died because of the Apple AppStore.

According to Christodoulou, he downloaded the five-star app Trezor from the App Store for storage transactions and found that all the bitcoins in the wallet were missing. The truth is surprising.

Trezor turned out to be a counterfeit App, a tool for criminals to deceive and accumulate money.

Christodoulou said that he has been a loyal user of Apple for many years, because of this incident, all new appointments collapsed.

Apple subsequently confirmed Trezor’s illegal actions but justified that the reason for listing the app for review was because the developer described it as an encrypted app when submitted, and after it was put on the shelves on January 22, it was privately changed to a virtual currency wallet.

Apple said it has deleted the app and severely punished developers.

However, it is still unknown whether Christodolouou can recover Bitcoin and receive compensation. Their current market value has exceeded US$1 million.

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