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Meta Changes its Policy of Instant Articles for News Stories

Meta made a big announcement regarding the Instant Articles. The company verified the news to Engadget that by mid-April it will end its support for Instant Articles. The format introduced back in 2015 to Facebook helped load news articles on mobile phones. Now, the company has decided to restructure and add more resources to its products. These updates are expected to be similar to Reels i.e., Video-focused features.

According to the representative of Meta at this time, 3% of the Facebook Feed is based on posts with links to news articles. The recent shifts in consumer preferences have urged the company to shift its trends and stop investing in areas where the user is less inclined. The focus is now to target video-focused features and lessen the political and news-related content on Facebook.

Axios was the first source that confirmed the respective news. Since Meta is drawing its investment in the news content. Additionally, the company reported that by early 2023 bulletin newsletter platform will be closed. The mid-April deadline will provide the publishers with enough time to reassess their future strategies. The upgrades made to the devices owing to faster internet speeds have rendered a few features unnecessary for many users.

A similar switch was made by Google last year when it changed its AMP format. The company claimed that it will not prefer articles that use the such format in its search ranking.