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Employees Frustrated With Metaverse Obsession Of Meta Boss


The new Facebook mother Meta bears this name mainly because Mark Zuckerberg is convinced of the so-called Metaverse like no other. He is not alone in this, but he does not have the majority on his side – not even in his own company.

Information has recently surfaced that Meta employees are being begged or coerced into using the company’s VR platforms. Because within Meta or Facebook, many have no real desire to use Horizon Worlds and Co. In the meantime, the New York Times (NYT) has also asked around and the renowned daily newspaper has spoken to more than a dozen current and former employees.

The picture the NYT paints is even more dramatic than the original report suggests. Because the article, titled “Skepticism, Confusion, Frustration: Insights into Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse,” describes how the company’s CEO and founder have little support for his plans a year after being renamed, Meta.

Nobody wants Horizon Worlds But The Boss

Meta has already invested several billion dollars in Horizon Worlds, but hardly anyone is interested in it. This now results in a “quality lockdown”: During this time, the VR platform is to be fundamentally redesigned.

While this is certainly necessary if you look at the app or game, many Meta employees also see a problem in a recent redesign. There are numerous internal complaints about the frequent shifts in strategy, which “seem tied more to Zuckerberg’s whims than to a coherent plan,” according to the Times.

In an internal survey, 58 percent of participating Meta employees said they didn’t understand the Metaverse strategy. There are also complaints about the high turnover and frequent turnover of employees – which seems to happen all the time or whenever Zuckerberg’s priorities change.

The wording is now also quite drastic, for example, one manager said that he gets “sick” when he looks at how much money is being spent on projects that have not proven their worth. The company does not necessarily work for the public either, but the insider allusion “MMH” – “Make Mark Happy”, i.e. “Make Mark (Zuckerberg) happy” circulates.

This also applies to meetings with the boss: Zuckerberg has called on his subordinates to hold meetings via VR or Horizon Workrooms. The problem: Many did not initially have a VR headset or had not yet set it up. They had to scramble to buy and register devices before managers noticed, according to an insider.