Metaverse Protests Against The Extradition Of Julian Assange To U.S.

Although Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been fighting his extradition for years, the Australian could soon have to answer before a U.S. court. In the Metaverse, supporters have now organized a protest against the planned delivery.

Event held at the Wistaverse

The action was organized by the Don’t Extradite Assange Campaign and took place yesterday at the non-profit Metaverse Wistaverse. Wistaverse specializes in protests and runs in the sandbox ecosystem on the Polygon blockchain. The event featured speeches by Stella Assange, wife of Julian Assange, and Kristinn Hrafnsson, a co-founder of Wikileaks. The British politician Jeremy Corbyn was also invited.

The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness of the Assange case and get more people to protest. A virtual auditorium designed in the style of the Royal Courts of Justice in London was chosen for the Metaverse protest. According to Cointelegraph, this is where the last appointment of the Wikileaks founder in the UK will take place.

A few months ago, the British Supreme Court ruled that there were no objections or concerns about Assange’s extradition to the United States. Home Secretary Priti Patel also approved the request. UK courts have not found extradition to be repressive, unfair, or an abuse of procedure.

The indictment consists of 18 counts

If Julian Assange is actually extradited, the Wikileaks founder could be sentenced to up to 175 years in prison. He is accused of espionage on a total of 18 counts. Critics doubt that there will be a fair trial. The organization Reporters Without Borders has described the trial as “pure retaliation” and fears a conviction could set a dangerous precedent for the release of classified information.

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