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Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad MCI Plans to Run Electric Buses in Islamabad

The Major of Federal Capital Islamabad Shiekh Anser Aziz has informed that the Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) is working on a project to launch electric buses in the National Capital to provide public with modern transport facilities residing in rural and urban areas around the Federal capital.

He expressed his views about the transport facilities in Islamabad while chairing the meeting here on Sunday. The meeting was organized to discuss various options for the betterment of transport facilities in Islamabad. During the meeting officials from MCI and various consultants gave their input on the whole project, its viability, land acquisition for terminals, buses and their routes in order to plan better transport across the city.

Anser Aziz directed the team to work on electric buses rather than diesel or petrol-operated buses in order to protect the green character and natural beauty of the city along with reducing the air pollution in the city. Recently, Dawn reported that Air quality in Islamabad is declining due to various factors including population, urbanization, carbon emission and many others. Authorities should take appropriate measures to protect the capital from being a polluted city.

The population has been increased by two million in the city, for catering future transport needs of the residents’ environment-friendly and cost-effective electric bus service would be launched. The electric bus service is the most viable and environment-friendly option for the city. Initially, a proposal for constructing terminals at Kashmir Highway, Rawat, Golra Mor, Taramri Chowk, Bhara Kahu and Pirwadahi is being considered. However, more terminals would be constructed later as per needs and requirements—he added.

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There would also be different routes for electric bus service including From Rawat to Faisal Mosque via Islamabad Expressway, from Bhara Kahu to Margalla Avenue via 7th Avenue, from Pirwadhai to IJP Metro Bus Station, from Nelor to Khanna Interchange, from Taramrri Chowk to Aabpara and from Golara Chowk to Kashmir Highway (Chaman Metro Bus Station). However, these routes are not confirmed yet but being considered.

The project cost estimation is underway along with other project tasks, once its finalized it would be given to a company to go ahead in order to facilitate the public with transport as early as possible. CDA spokesperson while talking to Pakistan Today said public transport matters in the capital comes under Islamabad Capital Territory Administration (ICTA), MCI and CDA, we are working together to provide best transports services to the public with minimum environmental effects.