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Microsoft accelerates the start-up time of Xbox Series X and S

Microsoft uses a simple trick to speed up the startup of its two consoles, the Xbox Series X and Series S. An abbreviated logo animation when the systems are powered on saves players up to five seconds during a cold boot. The correct update is expected soon.

The relatively small change has a big effect. like Microsoft approved (through The verge), the animation around the Xbox logo on consoles has been reduced from nine seconds to four seconds. The Xbox Series X and Series S now boot from sleep mode in just 15 seconds instead of the usual 20 seconds. A time saving of at least 25 percent. In times of rising energy prices, this is a sensible and environmentally friendly optimization.

Xbox Series X boot times before and after the update.

Energy-saving mode: saves electricity and soon also time

While the standby mode continues to lure impatient gamers with its lightning start in moments, Microsoft says the power-saving mode consumes about 20 times less power than the standby mode. If you want to plan the time in favor of your wallet and the environment, you can make the appropriate options in the settings (menu item: General -> Power Saving Mode & Start) of the Xbox Series X and Series S. New Xbox consoles come from the factory with the battery saver enabled.

Since the beginning of this year, it is also possible to run games and firmware updates in the background. And this despite the fact that the console is almost completely turned off. It is not yet known when exactly the changes will be available for normal gamers. The appropriate software is still in preview status for Xbox Insider program participants, which you can, in theory, join at any time via the “Xbox Insider Hub” app.

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