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Microsoft Adding Opera GX Gaming Browser For Windows 11 To Microsoft Store

Opera GX Browser

Opera now also offers the Opera GX browser, which is optimized for gamers, for Windows 11 in the Microsoft Store. This now makes it easier for many Windows users to refer to and use the browser, including with automatic updates.

This is reported by SoftPedia Opera GX has already found a solid fan base since the gaming browser was released, which will certainly continue to grow with the launch in the Microsoft Store. Previously you could only get the browser from Opera, now you can also download it from the store, and thus the advantages of MS Store Management: This includes tested apps and automatic update functions. The addition of Opera GX to the Microsoft Store also means Windows users will have easier access and greater choice when choosing their preferred browser.

The Opera GX browser is designed for gamers, which shows in both design and functionality, with unique features like CPU, RAM, and network management that help to get the most out of gaming and surfing.

What is new

The latest version of GX offers native Discord and Twitch access in the sidebar, as well as the integration of Razer Chroma and Corsair iCUE. This allows their lighting to be synchronized with the browser actions. In addition, Opera GX now includes the offline game Operius, a new arcade shooter for space that can be played in a browser without an internet connection. Opera GX includes access to a free, unlimited, integrated VPN, an ad blocker, and integrated messengers and social networks in the sidebar.