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Microsoft Adds Minecraft To Xbox Game Pass For PC


Microsoft has announced that the cult game Minecraft will be included in the PC version of the Xbox Game Pass in the future. Both the Bedrock and Java editions can then be played for free by subscribers. The console version is already included in the Game Pass.

Minecraft is now available in two different editions. In addition to the Java version, there is the Bedrock variant developed in C++. As part of this year’s Minecraft Live event, Mojang announced that both editions will soon be able to be launched from the same launcher. The development studio has now confirmed that the so-called “Minecraft PC Bundle” will be integrated into the Xbox Game Pass for PC in the coming month.

PC Bundle from November 2nd in Game Pass

The two editions should be available to Game Pass members from November 2nd. This gives subscribers the option to try out the new launcher first. According to PCGamer, all other players will probably only be able to use the bundle in the coming year. There is no exact date yet.

While the Minecraft Java Edition supports mods and offers access to most multiplayer servers, the Bedrock version brings support for RTX and Xbox crossplay. At the moment, players have to choose between the two editions or purchase both versions separately.

Anyone who owns an Xbox console and the standard version of Game Pass has had the opportunity to play Minecraft for two years at no additional cost. In the PC version, however, the game was not yet included. Players without a membership can subscribe to Xbox Game Pass for PC for 9.99 euros per month. The ultimate version, which includes the PC games as well as the console subscription, costs 12.99 euros. In the first month, the two tariffs can each be tested for just one euro.