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Sony Suing Dbrand For Selling PS5 Dark plates

The accessories manufacturer Dbrand has taken its PS5 dark plates from the sale – the background is a lawsuit from Sony. However, this does not come as a surprise, because the provider had already more or less asked Sony to sue them when the announcement was made.

“Sue us,” Dbrand wrote cheerfully to Sony at the presentation of the black replacement plates for the PlayStation 5. It didn’t take long for Sony to comply with this “request”. According to the report by Eurogamer, DBrand now only has the media reports about the threat of legal action online instead of the dark plates. The Darkplates were taken off the market after Sony threatened legal action against them.

Earlier this year, Dbrand started selling matte black PS5 side plates they called Darkplates. With the Darkplates, anyone who didn’t like the white design of the PS5 could quickly convert it to black instead of white.

Sony injunction

However, since Saturday you can no longer buy the Darkplates. The company has received an injunction from Sony. That should not have happened just now, but also at the beginning of the year. Sony raises several allegations in the letter, including against the way in which the faceplates “replicate the proprietary product design of SIE [Sony Interactive Entertainment]” and against the versions of the PlayStation symbols from Dbrand.

As part of the letter, Sony urged Dbrand to “immediately and permanently cease all marketing and promotional activities for faceplates with the product configuration of SIE’s PS5 faceplates or a similar product configuration, including, without limitation, all faceplates currently for sale on dbrand.com will be offered and the worldwide sale of these faceplates will be discontinued “.

According to media reports, Dbrand is not prepared to issue a permanent declaration of cease and desist. The company wants to submit for the time being and examine how to proceed. Giving in small is probably not an option, at least it sounds like that in an opinion. “We have decided to submit to the demands of the terrorists … for the time being”, Post on the company’s subreddit.