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Microsoft Advertising For Edge With Full Page In Windows

Microsoft is now showing new full-page ads in Windows asking users to set Edge as their default browser. Apparently, this is yet another test of a very aggressive advertisement for Edge. This is reported by the magazine Neowin. There the full-page advertisement for Edge was shown to the author Usama Jawad.

Microsoft has recently written some negative headlines through the Edge advertising strategy. The group was caught displaying advertising banners on the Chrome download website. Microsoft also pointed out that “Edge runs on the same technology as Chrome, but has the additional trust of Microsoft”.

You can’t click away

The latest ads have popped right into Windows. The user is shown a full-page advertisement that refers to new functions of the web browser. The perfidious thing about advertising: You cannot close this advertising window in a conventional way by pressing the “x” button in the title bar. There is an option to go to the second page of the ad. The second page is also full-screen and then comes with a tick in the settings for Edge as the default browser.

The Neowin author simply removed the tick and was then able to continue working. He still got the message that Edge was updated. It turns out that these intrusive ads were most likely influenced by the recent Edge update.

What’s interesting is that Microsoft now appears to show these full-page ads for Edge even after browser updates, and not just on fresh installs or on first boot (OOBE). This form of advertising for its own services and products, which many users classify as aggressive, has already brought the group a lot of criticism. Still, Microsoft just won’t let it.

Have you seen this ad yet? What do you think?

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