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Microsoft Boss Hints To Take More Game Developers On The Platform

Microsoft Boss

Microsoft boss Satya Nadella is probably a little surprised that the takeover of the gaming company ZeniMax Media was such a big surprise. Rather, one should expect more such acquisitions, he explained.

Nadella told CNet that interactive entertainment is one of the key technologies of the coming decade. In addition, gamers who buy Microsoft products would also expect the software company to provide games such as those produced by the studios it has now acquired. “But you can’t wake up one day and say to yourself: ‘I could build a game studio'”, says Nadella.

Basically, it is also about being able to provide content from your own hand with which you can always reach new target groups. Accordingly, Microsoft will also take over other gaming companies in the future if opportunities arise. And investments in everything that enriches the Game Pass are also an important core of the business, according to Nadella.

Content is the key

“Ultimately, content is the wonderful ingredient in the platform into which we put so much,” added Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division. In the end, strong games are the key to selling the Xbox line. It is simply not enough to rely on the hardware and then hope that the gaming industry will somehow supply it – especially not when you are facing such fierce competition as with Sony.

Ultimately, one could have guessed for a long time that Nadella in particular, who apparently has nothing to do with games, is so strongly behind the company’s gaming division. It was no coincidence that the Redmond-based company took over the post shortly after he took over the post in 2014 Minecraft developer Mojang bought it for $ 2.5 billion. In the following years, further investments were made – including a whole wave of studio acquisitions in 2018.