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Microsoft Updates Outlook With Voice Assistant And New Features

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft has been working hard to bring in new features to its products, after continuous updates to the Edge browser Microsoft has announced the addition of new features in the Outlook mobile app. These new features will not only ease the sign-in process but will also improve the overall user experience on the application.

Among the new features, Microsoft’s decision to bring Cortana to Outlook sounds pretty interesting. Users will not only be able to search for emails, contacts, or calendar entries, you can ask Cortana to read out your emails while you’re busy with other, day to day chores. 

Microsoft has reported that the feature would be rolling out next month, having a voice assistant writing emails for you is another intuitive way to remain productive. Thanks to the integration with Microsoft Teams, users will be able to set up calls and meetings through Teams.

Additionally, Outlook will now come with a reply suggestion. So if someone is looking to set up a meeting or asks for your availability, Outlook will be able to suggest a date and time based on your Outlook calendar activities. 

Also, Microsoft has added weather forecasts into the Outlook calendar to inform the users about the expected weather conditions on the day the meeting is scheduled.

To increase the adoption of the Outlook mobile app Outlook web users will be encouraged to use Outlook mobile devices. Microsoft is also making the process of signing into the mobile applications seamless and secure. Users who’re logged into the web application will get a QR code. When this QR code is scanned on the Outlook mobile app, it will transfer the credentials securely allowing users to sign in without the need of entering credentials manually.

“Reactions” is one more feature that Microsoft is planning to add to the Outlook mobile app. This feature is set to roll out the next year, The feature will let users add reactions like laugh, heart, celebrate or shed a tear right within your emails. These new features will be available on both iOS and Android devices and will be rolled out subsequently.