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Microsoft Confirms Color Problem On HDR Displays

Microsoft Windows 11

The developers of the Redmond company Microsoft are currently working on another bug that occurs in connection with Windows 11. Colors may not display properly on some HDR displays. Some Win32 APIs are said to be responsible for this.

According to Windows Latest, most of the time the problem arises when using image editing programs and editing images with white colors or light backgrounds. On some screens, the affected pixels are then displayed with light yellow or other color tones. The monitors on which the colors are displayed incorrectly are mostly displays that use the HDR standard.

Interfaces Caused The Bug

Microsoft recently added the bug to its known problems and is currently working on integrating a bug fix into its operating system. The problem is caused by Win32 APIs that return unexpected information or error messages under certain conditions. So the bug is caused by Windows 11 itself and not by third-party software. For this reason, it does not help to update the affected image processing programs.

The error does not affect all color profiles and programs that make changes to the profiles. It is therefore advisable to only use the standard settings until the next update and only use the specified color profiles.

Since the Redmond-based company has confirmed the error, a bug fix should be delivered with an upcoming Windows 11 version. The corresponding update should appear at the end of January and ensure that the respective interfaces return correct values. Color issues have already been fixed in the latest Insider builds.