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Microsoft Confirms Windows 10 21H1 Update Hardware Requirements Are Not Changed

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Compared with the Windows 10 update in the first half of last year, that is, the Win10 20H1 upgrade, there will be Win10 21H1 as usual in the first half of this year, but this time there is not much news. Microsoft mainly fixes errors and does not update much.

In addition, Microsoft also issued a notice to its partners a few days ago to announce the hardware compatibility of the Win10 21H1 system and confirm that the hardware requirements have not changed. The requirements are the same as those of the Win10 20H2 system, that is, the same as the previous October update. The original equipment Can be upgraded seamlessly.

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If the requirements remain unchanged, in theory, most devices using Win10 20H2 will not encounter any physical compatibility issues during the upgrade process, but the actual performance is still hard to say.

From this point of view, the upgrade of Win10 21H1 is indeed not big, and Microsoft has not moved the underlying things, so don’t expect any new features.

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As for the upgrade time of Win10 21H1, the Release Preview for developers should come soon. This month will not be until March, but most people will receive the update until April or May, so don’t worry.

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