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FPS Boost Brings 120 FPS To Older Games On Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X

Microsoft has good news for Xbox Series X owners who like to play older and backwards compatible games right now. With the help of an “FPS Boost” the refresh rates of many Xbox One titles can now be doubled. Up to 120 FPS should be possible.

Due to the lack of exclusive titles and Series X upgrades of various games, the Redmond-based company has been focusing for some time on good backward compatibility of the next-gen consoles with regard to outdated Xbox One and Xbox 360 games. While up to now mainly fast loading times and quick changes between games (quick resume) were advertised, older titles now also benefit from the increased performance of the Xbox Series X and even the Series S. Microsoft calls this feature simply “FPS Boost”.

Microsoft breathes new life into old games at 120 FPS

Without developers having to make adjustments to their games, the refresh rate of ” selected titles ” is doubled and in some cases even quadrupled. According to Microsoft, the smoother gameplay should increase the feel of the game. The games now optimized via FPS Boost include Far Cry 4, Sniper Elite 4, UFC 4, Watch Dogs 2 and New Super Lucky’s Tale. The latter increases its refresh rate to an Xbox Series X-worthy 120 frames per second. Additional titles that benefit from the new feature will be announced at a later date.

It seems that the FPS Boost has to be activated manually in the system settings for each compatible game. A corresponding option should have been created under the menu items “Manage game -> Compatibility options”. Microsoft will also concentrate on equipping primarily games from the Xbox Game Pass with the new frame rate improvement. Of the first five games, however, only two are part of the gaming flat rate popular with Xbox gamers.

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