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Microsoft Edge Future Update Schedule Is Here


The Chromium-based Edge is becoming increasingly popular. According to the current roadmap, Microsoft will give its browser five more updates by the end of the year, up to version 96. Some of the planned functions are already being announced.

The frequency is not only increasing for updates for Microsoft Teams, the Redmond-based company also has a lot planned for the Edge browser this year. An updated release schedule indicates that after the recently released Edge 91 and Edge 92 beta, there will be four more updates to roll out by the end of November. Microsoft announces both in which week the publication of the respective test versions in the beta channel and the final stable release should take place.

Edge: Update Schedule
Edge 9206/08/202107/22/2021
Edge 9308/03/202102.09.2021
Edge 9409/01/202123.09.2021
Edge 9509/28/202110/21/2021
Edge 9610/26/202111/18/2021
Edge 9711/30/202101/06/2022

First edge features come from the “Top Feedback Summary”

While Microsoft announces new functions only shortly before the release of the respective beta versions, there is already initial feedback on the wishes of Edge insiders, which the company updates on a monthly basis. New additions in June included requests for a manual sleep mode for tabs in order to specifically and individually conserve resources, and the option that has already been implemented to adjust the width of the area for vertical tabs. With the July update to Edge 92, the organization of tabs in groups should also be improved.

The position in the feedback list shows that not all of the insider’s wishes can be implemented immediately. Some points have been here for more than 90 weeks. These include a preview function for tabs known from the Legacy Edge, a possibility to deactivate the autoplay function of videos and music on websites ex-works, and the reduction of the address bar. In addition, a large number of the proposals for Microsoft’s Edge browser are being discussed, reviewed, or even rejected.