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Microsoft Edge Gets a New Games Panel

Edge browser

Microsoft Edge has been available as a Chromium-based version for quite a while and the Redmond -based company is enjoying quite a bit of success with it. This is also due to the fact that Edge is consistently developed further. And just before 2022, the next new feature was discovered.

Constant stream of innovations

Earlier or at the beginning, Microsoft’s Edge browser had the problem that it meant well, but not good enough. Among other things, this was due to the fact that the app did not have enough functions or that competitors like Chrome simply offered more – also or especially with regard to extensions.

Microsoft Edge has long since addressed this, and the Redmond-based company never tire of adding new features to the application. Another new function has recently appeared, namely, a reliable Redditor named u / Leopeva64-2 has discovered a games panel in Edge Canary (via Neowin ).

Games for in between

If you click on a new button at the top right, aside from area opens that shows a list of games. However, one should not expect the titles of the Xbox Game Pass, because only browser games are offered here, most of them come from MSN Games. The titles are therefore of course to be assigned to the “For in-between” category, including Microsoft classics, Arcade, Board & Card, Puzzle, Sports, Casual and more. If you click on a title, it will open accordingly in the main window.

According to the Redditor, this new games area can be found in Edge Canary in version 99.0.1117.0, but here, despite the advanced version of the browser, it seems to be a staggered rollout, because not every user of this version can actually activate it. It is therefore unclear when and even whether this function will make it into the beta channel or the stable edition of the Edge browser.