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Microsoft Edge Performance Detector helps with performance issues

Some time ago, Microsoft equipped the mobile Edge version with resource-saving features. Now the desktop browser should have similar features. A performance detector should monitor tabs and detect and then fix performance issues. The tool checks if a tab is using more resources than usual and if the loading process of a website is taking an exceptionally long time. Once a problem is identified, the user becomes loud desk mud suggests an action to increase performance again. However, it is unclear what countermeasures are involved. It would be conceivable that script elements would be throttled and updated at greater intervals or blocked completely. Alternatively, the tool can simply reload the open page.

In addition, it remains unclear whether the performance detector is used by many users or whether most users simply ignore the suggested actions. If a page gives you problems, you can of course close the relevant tab and call up the page again.

Tool initially only in the canary version

Currently, the performance detector only appears in the canary version of the Edge browser. It is an A/B test, so the feature can only be used by some of the users. If there are no issues, the feature can also be used later in the final build of the browser. The users selected for A/B testing have the feature enabled by default. However, it is possible to manually disable the power detector. To do this, the browser settings and then “System and Performance” must be called up.


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