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Microsoft Edge users are reporting having access to its new built-in VPN

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Few users of Microsoft Edge have reported that they have access to the new built-in VPN. One thing to note here is that the new feature is presented in the stable build of the web browser. Although the company has not introduced the feature officially. It is only presented in the preview build.

The new feature is officially termed Edge Secure Network. The new VPN is presented in the browser. It is presented without a preview tag. Thus, indicating that users have access to the complete working version.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a feature that reroutes internet traffic. It keeps the user anonymous. It masks the location of the user. In this way, it protects the user’s privacy. Since it uses strategies that inhibit the data-gathering forces from finding about you.

Still, the Edge Secure Network functions a little differently in contrast to other third-party VPNs.

Three different modes

In contrast to most VPN services, the Edge Secure Network doesn’t permit users to select the server location. The users are presented with three different operational modes.

  1. Select Sites mode

The Select Sites mode permits the users to specify the VPN activation for certain websites. They can add the chosen websites to the “Use VPN” list. It is helpful if only VPN access is required for specific region-locked sites. 

2. Optimized mode

The Optimized mode works in a manner that it is activated only when the user is using a public or unsecured network. It can also be activated in the case when the website is not presented with a valid certificate. In order to preserve the data utilized by the VPN, a 1GB free limit is provided per month. Furthermore, videos are rerouted outside of the VPN.

3. Always On mode

This mode will keep the VPN activated at all times.

The free data limit of 15GB is provided to the users who have access to the Edge Insiders program. Once the feature goes live for all audiences, the free limit will be restricted to 1GB. Although, the additional data option will be provided to users. however, the company has not unveiled the price yet. We can expect more details to pour in once the feature is ready for official release.

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