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How to improve your VPN speed

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There are a few hacks that you can use to solve the problem of a slow internet connection while using a VPN. Using these hacks will improve performance. However, it is not always that a slow internet connection is because of VPN. It is all the time better to check other factors too. One method for identifying whether a VPN is a culprit is to undergo multiple speed tests that are software-based or non-software-based. Speedtest is one such example. Many users use this service while reviewing the performance of VPN. As soon as you have figured out that the VPN app is responsible for a slow internet connection, try out the following solutions:

  1. Changing VPN server: the VPN has a drastic effect on your connection. It can be measured both in terms of distance and overload. Servers can be accessed from various providers.
  2. Modifying the encrypted protocol: encryption could be one of the main reasons impacting your internet speeds. To cater to this problem, users can switch their VPN protocol. In the VPN app, go to the Settings menu and make the changes. It presents the users with various options. WireGuard is one of the fastest options that users can select.
  3. Support split tunneling: most of the VPN services are accompanied by an intriguing feature. This feature can be really beneficial for boosting the speed of the internet. If we observe the name of this feature, it is quite evident that it lets the users select the traffic they wish to pass via an encrypted tunnel and the one that should not. This hack can be extremely helpful in poor broadband speeds.
  4. Rebooting the device: it is one of the most common methods. Most users already imply it. Just simply restart your device or home router. It can pump up the internet speed. It might be possible that the device’s memory buffer requires clearing. Even sometimes heavy programs running in the background cause slow internet speeds. A similar method can be tried out with the VPN app.
  5. Updating the OS: sometimes, a poor internet connection might be due to the OS of your device. You can check whether it is updated or not. In many cases, upgrading the OS of the device is quite helpful.
  6. Using a wired connection: Wi-Fi connections are convenient and easy to use. But they can be unstable at times. In case, the broadband speed is not good enough, you can try a wired connection in order to stabilize the internet connection.

Well, these are some of the hacks you can try to resolve the problem of a slow internet connection.

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