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Microsoft explains why there are often Windows update problems

Microsoft has continued to work on the Windows update process in recent months to make it easier for users to stay up to date. The team also wondered why there are devices that don’t update despite the hardware requirements. The whole topic is now described with the keywords “update connectivity”. In an article in Windows IT Pro blog summarized. Microsoft has also said it has made significant efforts to understand why Windows devices are not always up to date. “One of the main issues we examined was how long a device needs to be powered on and connected to Windows Update to successfully install quality and feature updates,” says Windows Manager David Guyer. “We found that devices that don’t meet a certain connection time limit can hardly be successfully updated.” Microsoft hasn’t said this so clearly yet.

Time frame is more important than you think

According to Microsoft, the data shows that devices must be connected for at least two hours continuously and a total of six hours after an update is released in order to update reliably. This ensures a successful download and background installations that can be restarted or resumed once a device is active and connected. “We call this measure update connectivity: the time (in hours) that a device is on and also connected to Microsoft services such as Windows Update.” This in turn also explains why there is such fragmentation of Windows versions, even though most Windows users just rely on the automatic update feature – they just haven’t been online long enough or at the right time. If you notice that a Windows device is not updating properly, check the terms and conditions. More Microsoft Windows 11 news: Windows 10, update, error, beta, bug, development, malware, bugs, troubleshooting, crash, crash, error, Windows 10 bugs, Windows 10 bug, Windows 10 error, blue screen, update error, error code, construction site, Windows 10 blue screen, construction workers, preliminary, repair


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