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Microsoft Flight Simulator: Sim Update 9 Is Now Available

The new Sim Update 9 is now available for download for Microsoft Flight Simulator players. The patch fixes a long list of bugs and adds a handful of new content to the game. The next World Update for Italy is also not long in coming.

Microsoft and the French development studio Asobo are increasing the number of patches. Not only will the new Sim Update 9 be launched, but two more world updates will follow in June with graphical improvements for select regions and the Top Gun: Maverick DLC. Today’s technical update brings in a lot of bug fixes, mainly from reports from our own community.

What’s Inside: Performance improvements, stability, and new content

Among other things, Steam users can rejoice, who often suffered from crashes when the game was launched not via the Steam client, but via a shortcut on the desktop. There are also numerous but unspecified improvements in the performance and stability of the Microsoft Flight Simulator. Absolute extensive changelog for Sim Update 9 can be found on the game’s forum. The main focus was on navigation, weather, aircraft, user interface, and input devices. Furthermore, the Sim Update 9 brings a new “Spotlight Event” for the familiar landing challenges.

Players can now try their hand at the Cessna 172 Skyhawk at Nevada’s Kingston Airport. The same aircraft will also receive CFD (Current Simulation) simulation, while the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet will feature new special effects. The latter applies, for example, to graphic animations when breaking the sound barrier and flying low over snow, dust, and water. The recently updated Flight Simulator player wish list also reveals that many items will not be checked off until Sim Update 10, which is expected in July. This includes further improvements to the DirectX 12 client and also the integration of Nvidia’s DLSS technology. One of the biggest wishes for helicopters and gliders, on the other hand, should not be fulfilled until the fourth quarter of 2022.