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Microsoft Flight Simulator To Reach cloud soon


Porting Flight Simulator as a game that runs on the cloud might be simpler than we thought in Asobo Studio. In an interview, an official Microsoft manager says that streaming is possible and there aren’t any hurdles for Xbox cloud-based gaming. The requirements of the Microsoft Flight Simulator are particularly difficult for PC gamers. Particularly when the highest quality has to be maintained which is evident from the numerous stunning 4K videos from the game. Due to the chip shortage, graphics cards needed for this and those compatible with Xbox Series X have become expensive and scarce. One possible solution is streaming games through Xbox Cloud Gaming, which Microsoft announced last year.

A large portion of the action is available for streaming

Jorg Neumann, who is the director of Flight Simulator, reveals himself in an interview with Australian video game site Stevivor. He’s is positive about cloud gaming. When asked if the implementation of gaming streaming would be too complex, Neumann says, “It’s actually simpler since we’re streaming all over the world in real-time, isn’t it? A majority of what you view isn’t in your computer or on a hard drive or anything.” Neumann refers to topological and textures that are based upon Bing Maps, most of which are streamed into games via Microsoft Azure (Blackshark AI).

Cloud streaming in Flight Simulator has been announced in the early 2022 timeframe, however, the exact date of release isn’t yet known. The advantage that streaming the game via Microsoft’s xCloud is not just support for basic PCs and even tablets and smartphones, but additionally Xbox One support. Cloud gaming from Redmond allows players of older consoles to play games designed specifically designed for Xbox Series X or the Windows PC.