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‘Microsoft Forms’ Gets New Design and Themes For Surveys

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Microsoft Forms is a web tool that allows its users to create online surveys and interactive forms. The Redmond company has now updated the service and equipped it with designs. This should make it easier to customize forms.

As Microsoft announced in a blog entry, surveys and quizzes can now be embellished with special themes. Better visual design aims to encourage more of the audience to fill out the form. Since many surveys use the same standard design, this gives you the option of making your own forms stand out from the crowd. In addition to static designs, animated backgrounds are also available.

Design suggestions matching the content

To facilitate customization, Microsoft Forms displays designs that match the content. For example, if the title is “Invitation to the party”, the service will suggest an animated background with fireworks. The suggestions can be accepted with one click.

The feature is currently being rolled out. While the designs are already appearing for some users, other users have not yet been able to use the function. The rollout will take place in waves so that more and more users will be able to benefit from the update over the next few days. The Redmond-based company would also like to make more looks available in the future. The service can be used with both private and business Microsoft accounts. To create a poll or quiz can only be accessed when logged in.

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