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Microsoft Headquarters Become Vaccination Center

Microsoft Headquarters

Microsoft is soon turning its campus at its headquarters in Redmond into a center for the distribution of vaccines against the novel coronavirus. The company wants to help contain the virus and help people without insurance.

Bill Gates has long been considered the mastermind behind the coronavirus in certain circles, after all, he supposedly wants to vaccinate us all with his 5G chips. Instead of even beginning to comment on this nonsense, Microsoft tries to help and ensures that there are corona vaccinations at its most important location. As Microsoft has now announced, the Redmond campus will become a vaccination center.

The headquarters of the software giant will be a public vaccination center

As Geekwire reported, citing a corresponding announcement by Microsoft’s President Brad Smith at a press conference of the Governor of the US state of Washington, the software company will open some of its buildings in Redmond for use as a vaccination centre.

It is not primarily about providing Microsoft employees with vaccines. Instead, it will be a facility for the local community, Smith said. Microsoft will provide both rooms and staff to support the vaccination measures, the manager said.

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With his support, Microsoft is helping to reduce the cost of vaccinations and to care for people without health insurance. By February, the Microsoft campus is to become a mass vaccination facility, at least according to the plan of those involved.

Washington state plans to distribute around 45,000 vaccinations a day shortly. The governor has now lowered the age limit for receiving the corona vaccinations from 70 to 65 years so that 400,000 more citizens can now be vaccinated. According to Smith, Microsoft wants to use the vaccination centre on its premises to help build large capacities for the distribution of vaccines in order to be well prepared as soon as more vaccine doses are available.

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