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Microsoft intends to introduce Xbox games on Android and iOS via its own app store

Microsoft was not successful with the experimentation of its own smartphone OS. However, the company didn’t leave the marketplace. Instead, the company has expanded its presence in the smartphone and tablets category by introducing its cloud, gaming, as well as productivity services across devices. Not stopping at this yet. The company has decided to introduce Xbox games to smartphones in the near future.

Xbox CEO Phil Spencer disclosed that Microsoft aims to expand its dedicated games store to Android and iOS in an interview with the Financial Times (via FoneArena). Currently, iOS and Android platforms are under the control of Apple and Google, respectively. And the only secure way to download games is through the Play Store for Android and the App Store for iPhones. Also, these companies charge app and game developers 30% or more for in-app purchases, services, and other in-app purchases. As a result, services like Netflix, Spotify, and others no longer allow direct purchases through the App Store and Play Store.

EU’s Digital Market Act will help Microsoft to introduce its own games store to Android and iOS

With the implementation of the DMA (Digital Market Act) in the EU (European Union) in March 2024, gatekeepers like Apple and Google will no longer be able to impose unjust conditions on brands and companies. Following the DMA’s implementation, other companies won’t be required to pay Apple or Google their customary fees because they can provide their services and products through different app stores or payment gateways.

The CEO states that the company is looking forward to bringing Xbox games and content across all screens. It doesn’t seem possible as of now. For this reason, the company is looking forward to DMA introducing its own app store on Android and iOS-powered devices.

Besides this, the company has made huge investments in purchasing game studios and publishers. The list consists of iD Software, InXile Entertainment, Mojang (Minecraft), Ninja Theory, Obsidian Entertainment, Double Fine, Playground Games, Rare, The Coalition, Undead Labs, ZeniMax Media, 343 Industries, Activision Blizzard, Arkane, Bethesda, Compulsion Games. Microsoft owns a majority of famous games worldwide. The company now intends to introduce those games to mobile screens via its own app store.

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