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Counter-Strike 2 Beta Invite Trick Doesn’t Work

Counter-Strike 2

Those who have played CS:GO a lot also have a better chance of being invited to the Counter-Strike 2 beta test. After the announcement, this invite mechanism prompted players to accumulate game hours in a targeted manner. But Valve rejects the “trick”.

Counter-Strike 2 “Trick” Refused for beta testing

With the announcement of Counter-Strike 2, Valve also launched the first beta for players on Windows PCs. But how can you get access to the limited to playtest? The developer answered the most pressing question of many fans in an FAQ article. Accordingly, a number of factors are decisive for the selection of the invitations – including the “recent playing time on official Valve servers”. This point had given hope to some impatient players that they had found a trick to access the playtest faster.

The idea is simple: if Valve decides on entry after hours of play, then with more time on the account you should be able to move up the line. According to Windowscentral, countless players have recently started collecting the supposedly valuable hours with endless games or simply by “idling” in matches. This development probably didn’t escape the attention of Valve, which quickly reported bad news for those eager to test it.

Valve Says No benefit from “idling” in matches

The clear message: What is meant by “recent season” was probably interpreted a little too hopefully here. “Idle on official matchmaking servers in CS:GO does not increase your chances of getting into the CS2 Limited Test. The playtime that counts is the playtime before the start of the Limited Test,” according to the official statement from the developers. In short: accumulating game hours after the announcement had no effect.

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