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Microsoft is Building Dual Screen Foldable Phone “Surface Duo”

surface duo

The tech giant Microsoft is actively working on the new mobile phones that are about to come in future, Microsoft is building dual-screen foldable phones now that are based on Android software.

You might have seen the previous windows phones which didn’t get much attention, popularity and continuation, despite Microsoft re-launching the previous Lumia series two years ago, with Windows 10 support, however, the company is back with a different strategy now, a dual-screen Android phone comes to play which looks like a smaller Surface Neo.

There are not many details about the new Microsoft dual-screen folding phones at the moment but some of the details are exposed by engadget, each screen displays a 5.6-inch display along with a 360-degree hinge so you can fold the phone on either side. However, it is not yet clear that you can fold the screen back to a single screen for Android apps’ traditional use.

According to Panos Panay Microsoft’s vice president of devices say that it’s a proper Surface and foremost, Panay said, “We are certain that you will be more productive on two screens”.Microsoft is carefully watching where the mobile industry is heading this time, it would be before time to say what Surface Duo is capable of doing and offering to the users, but one thing is quite obvious that people would give it more attention as compared to Lumia series.