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Microsoft Is The Most Hated Technology Brand In The World

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Microsoft is the most hated tech brand in the world. The fact that this is also the case in the home market of the USA is likely to be particularly painful for the Redmond-based company. For unknown reasons, however, the strongest opposition is in Finland.

This fact was determined for a current report by RAVE Reviews , which used an automated tool to evaluate a large number of tweets in which users all over the world talked about certain companies and brands. It was shown here that the proportion of negatively oriented tweets related to Microsoft in the USA is 41.57 percent. In Finland, the company even reaches over 50 percent. The software group is at the top in 22 countries.

Overall, however, Facebook and Google also stand out with a quite impressive number of national “victories”. In Europe, however, users complain particularly often about the retail group Amazon. This comes in at only six top positions, which is not a small number when you consider that the company is only active in 18 countries. Microsoft, on the other hand, is present in almost all markets.

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From the point of view of Microsoft’s marketing department, however, the concern should be limited. Because in general, a high place in the list is a sign that a lot of people are talking about the brand. And of course, people mainly express themselves about a company when something is not working. If, on the other hand, everything is okay, it is very rare for users to package their enthusiasm for it in a tweet.

Apart from the tech brands in the narrower sense, the ratings also shift quickly. Sony is ahead on the general world map of brands that provoke negative comments. The Japanese group is also represented in various areas and accordingly offers many points of attack.