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Microsoft New Patent Shows More Durable Hinge For Upcoming Surface Duo

A new patent published by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) shows that Microsoft is designing a more robust, durable, and impact-resistant hinge for foldable devices. It is expected that the upcoming Surface Duo 2 will be the first to be equipped. Although not perfect, when the Surface Duo was first released, the outside world still gave a lot of praise to Microsoft’s hardware design. At the same time, Panos Panay also led the Surface team to develop many exclusive hardware experiences for the device.

Windows United, the first to discover the patent, pointed out that Microsoft described the device’s anti-vibration, anti-bump, and anti-drop characteristics. In addition, Windows Central found that the hinge of a dual-screen device mentioned in the concept is wrapped by a protective frame/shock-absorbing skin based on an unknown material.

Computing devices can rotate with each other around the new hinge system (part 102/104 in the figure), and a protective mechanism (112) containing impact-resistant materials is located between the hinge and the first part, which can absorb part or all of the impact when dropped.

It is expected that Microsoft may announce the matter on the official Twitter account before the Surface conference in spring. However, the release of the new Surface Duo 2 is likely to wait until the autumn hardware conference in the second half of 2021.

As for other hardware improvements, it is expected that the appearance changes will not be too large, but support for 5G mobile networks will be added, supplemented by wireless charging, higher specification camera sensors, and more durable USB-C ports.