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Microsoft Not to Support Windows 7 Any Longer

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Microsoft is pulling out from offering support to Windows 7, almost eleven years after the introduction of the operating system.

Microsoft would stop offering the updates and the security patches for Windows 7. The changes would be affected millions of people as more than one-third of the PCs makes use of the Windows 7, as per the reports of NetMarketShare.

As per the available data, Windows 7 became famous in fact it almost took four years to Windows 10 to just make it breakeven in the market share. As of today, major number of PCs are still using the Windows 7 and the operating system still operates on a huge 26 percent of all the PCs.

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Microsoft has spent many years striving to make people to upgrade their operating system to Windows 10 and that also without any charges, but tens of millions of PCs would now be left susceptible to security threats and vulnerabilities. It stopped offering support to Windows 8 in 2016 and Windows XP in 2014.

Businesses and education users of the Windows 7 would be able to pay for the extended security updates, however, it could be an expensive project for some. The firm is motivating people to update to Windows 10 for $139 or purchase a new device operating Windows 10 if their PC is more than 3 years in age.

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