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8 Interesting Facts About Baidu Which Makes Google a Copy Cat

Everyone out there who do not have the information about the Chinese Search Engine Baidu might think that Google is the master of algorithms, search and advertising. However, there is a different story behind their success.

Google’s approach to managing things, improve things and develop things was incredible, and secondly, it was launched from an English country, these were the two major advantages for Google which made it successful over the decades.

Let’s take a look at some interesting facts about Baidu which would let you rethink about Google’s innovation.

  1. Baidu is the 5th most visited website in the world after Google, YouTube, Tmall, and Facebook according to Alexa traffic rankings.
  2. Baidu is the second largest search engine in the world after Google, the search engine giant holds a 76.05% market share in the Chinese search engine market.
  3. Baidu was the first Chinese company added to NASDAQ-100 index
  4. Robin Lee founder of Baidu was the first to develop algorithm RankDex which used hyperlinks to measure the quality of the website it is indexing. It is now Google’s core algorithm to rank websites
  5. Baidu Founder was the first to developed Pagerank algorithm in 1996 which was implemented by Google two years later
  6. Google’s founder Larry Page has repeatedly cited Li’s work in some of his U.S. patents for PageRank
  7. Baidu opened its first office in a hotel room
  8. Baidu first started bidding for ad spaces and paid publishers every time the ad was clicked, the same advertising approach was implemented by Google later.

Now you know that it is not all about inventing things in the first place, it is all about managing things effectively.

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