Microsoft OneDrive To Have Colored Folders Soon

Microsoft has been working on a complete overhaul of OneDrive for quite some time. In May, the group gave an interesting outlook on upcoming innovations – now there is also information about the start date.

This is about the revised OneDrive web application, which will initially be launched for business customers. The new Windows 11 app was launched at the end of last year, only the popular web app has remained the “old” version. A

few weeks ago, Microsoft showed what the revision of the web application will look like and what new features they both have should. This also includes the option to color folders as you wish, i.e. to assign colors to the previously yellow folders in order to ensure a better overview. Microsoft had already shown what that looks like – but did not reveal when you can expect the colorful folders to start up.

Start first for business OneDrive

As part of an update to the Microsoft 365 roadmap, a date has now been leaked: According to this, the distribution of the new web application will start in the summer. The starting gun is targeted for August. As always, the new feature will be rolled out gradually over several weeks. First, education and business customers will see the new OneDrive web app with folder colors.

The changes should also arrive in the consumer version, but when is not known. The colorful folders won’t be the only change scheduled to start later this year. Among other things, OneDrive is intended to improve the collaboration of users with a new start page, on which recently used files are now prominently displayed. Microsoft also wants to further improve the selection of frequently used and recently used data with the help of AI support.

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