Microsoft won’t acquire SEGA

Microsoft has been engaged in a never-ending buying frenzy. The company since is still vying to acquire Activision-Blizzard. Rumors that SEGA would be acquired during this deal started to circulate. A recent story from Bloomberg (via Engadget) claims that Microsoft is not purchasing SEGA.

For several years, Microsoft and SEGA have worked in close association with one another. The relationship between the two businesses has resulted in some titles finding homes on Xbox systems. We cannot contest the benefits of working with a company like Microsoft. We all wondered whether SEGA and Microsoft would advance their partnership given their tight collaboration. Since this is not a peculiar assumption given Microsoft’s past performance.

Microsoft won’t purchase SEGA

SEGA has decided to go with its own unique identity instead of collaborating with Microsoft. It was confirmed by the company’s COO, Shuji Utsumi. He stated to Bloomberg that the company is not open for purchase. This is true despite rumors that Microsoft was interested in buying SEGA in the future.

In reality, the corporation wants to maintain its independence. In all honesty, it is assumed that Sonic Frontiers’ success served as inspiration for this choice. This game received a lot of buzzes before it was released, which was justified because it is a TONNE OF FUN, and it did extremely well in terms of sales. Well, it could be the other way around if the game had been a flop.

Microsoft introduces a new version of the Xbox Series S

Microsoft has introduced another member to its affordable Xbox Series S. As per the information, the new model boasts 1TB of storage. On the other hand, the standard model features 512GB of storage. In addition to this, the new model comes in a black finish along with a black controller. With this black appeal and color, the new version appears quite different from the standard model.

The new version offers more storage than the standard model

Reportedly, the new 1TB Series S is available for $349. It is $50 more costly than the standard 512GB model. The new 1TB version will be available from September 2023. The Xbox Series consoles now offer more storage in general. Expandable storage drives for these consoles are now being offered by Western Digital and start at $80 for the 512GB model and $150 for the 1TB model. The same devices are offered by Seagate for $90 and $150, respectively. The 1TB Seagate drive was once the only option. It cost $220 and was the only choice for a while.

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