Microsoft OneDrive Update to Introduce New Features

Microsoft OneDrive

Some days back, Microsoft launched some new features for OneDrive for business. However, it seems that the company has not done it yet. The Microsoft OneDrive most recent update would be bringing in more features. As per the company reports, the new features would be released in the month of November.

The Microsoft OneDrive most recent update would be including a feature that would permit one to block downloading files that one shares. Not just this, the users would also be able to block users from making copies of the file, from copying them and pasting it into another application and later printing it. The firm is also erasing the “File trending” maker.

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The update would also be improving the MyAnalytics. Now, the users would be able to perform accurate accounting, matching the stats that one see on the web.

Additionally, the Camera Upload for OneDrive is also present in the latest introduced update. The new feature would permit the users to automatically upload the images on the device.

Furthermore, there would also be a limitation that OneDrive application users could choose just one account at one time that is either from personal or business account for uploading photos.

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